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      SEE YOUR DEALER FIRST.. .                               Please allow an additional amount for airmail or UPS shipments (if avail-
                                                              able in  your area). Foreign orders over $25.00 will  have an additional
      Please try to obtain SIG products from your local hobby shop. If he is not   charge for insurance. APO or FPO (PAL) orders  require an additional
      currently a SIG dealer, ask him to contact us about becoming one. If there
      is not a SIG dealer close to you, or if your dealer doesn'# carry the items   $1.00 charge per package. All  overseas parcells must observe the fol-
      that you want, then we invite you to order direct from our factory.   lowing general dimensional limits. Greatest length: 42 inches, greatest
                                                              length and girth combined: 72 inches. Canadian orders can be 48 inches
                                                              length and girth combined, with the exception of Ontario, Canada which
      ORDERING  INSTRUCTIONS.. .                              can be 108 inches length and girth combined. Fuel cannot be shipped
      You can place an order by mail, using the convenient order blank included   out of the continental U.S.A. due to postal regulations.
      with this catalog, or by phone using our toll-free 800 number. All orders,
      regardless of size or complexity, are handled with  the same degree of
      importance and attention to detail. The more complete the information you   RETURN  POLICY.. .
      provide to us at the time you place your order, the faster and more accu-  Merchandise cannot be returned or credited without written permission
      rately your order can  be filled. It  is most important that you  list the   from us. Please state your exact reason for return. No credit will be given
      Quantity, the Product Code Number, and a Description of each item that   for merchandise purchased from another supplier. Returns should be
      you want. Also, please give us your full name and shipping address. The   well  packed and insured against damage. Outgoing  postage will  not be
      order blank  has a space for each of these important bits of information,   refunded. In general, to be accepted, merchandise must be unused and
      and providing it will speed your order considerably.    undamaged, including display boxes. The guarantee on radio equipment,
                                                              power tools, engines, etc. is given by the manufacturer of the product.
                                                              Send in the warranty cards when they are included with guaranteed mer-
      PAYMENT. , .                                            chandise. Write directly to the manufacturer about defector repairs. We
      Minimum order is $5.00 when sending a check or money order. We do not   will  replace any SIG kit parts found to be missing or defective due to fac-
      sell open account, but we will accept VISA or MASTERCARD charge   tory error. Please return the packer's slip placed in each kit when report-
      accounts. Minimum order when using VISA or MASTERCARD is $15.00.   ing problems, state the name of the dealer from whom the kit was pur-
      Credit card customers should include a phone number where you can be   chased and whether it was sealed in transparent wrapping at time of pur-
      reached during the daytime. All orders will be billed according to the cur-  chase. It is impossible for us to stock parts to cover shortages from the
      rent prices in effect on the day we receive your order. PRICES ARE SUB-  kits of~other manufacturers. Write to the manufacturer directly for missing
      JECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE.                          part replacement. In  accepting delivery of  boxes from  us which  have
                                                              been damaged in  transit, be sure and get the signature of  the delivery
                                                              man on the delivery forms certifying that the shipment arrived in bad con-
      POSTAGE &HANDLING. , .                                  dition. Notify us at once with specific details of the damage of merchan-
      Add $3.50 postage and handling to all orders under $20.00. There is no   dise in the boxes. We recommend UPS instead of parcel post wherever
      shipping or handling charge for orders of $20.00 or over. Because of post   possible.
      office regulations the following products can only be sent via U.P.S. or
      commercial freight carrier: SIG-Ment, Supercoat Clear Dope, Foam Bond   SIG  PRODUCT LIMIT OF LIABILITY.. .
      Thinner,  Plastinamel Thinner, Contact Cement, Kwik-Band,  Foam  Bond,   SIG Manufacturing Co.'s only obligation shall be to replace such quantity
      and any dope or fuel ordered in  gallon  containers. Please include  your   of the product proven to be defective. User shall determine the suitability
      street address for U.P.S. or freight shipments, not a P.O. Box number.   of the product for his or her intended use and shall assume all  risk and
      Any extra postage costs incurred in forwarding packages due to address   liability in the connection therewith.
      changes or errors not the fault of SIG Mfg. Co. will be billed to the cus-
                                                                SIG MANUFACTURING COMPANY, INC.
                                                                     401-7 South front St., Montezuma, Iowa 50171-9900
      FOREIGN ORDERS.. ,                                                  PHONE HOURS: 7:00 A.M. - 4:30 P.M.
      We welcome orders from foreign customers. Unfortunately, procedures for
      doing so are a bit more complicated than for U.S. orders. Like a U.S. cus-
      tomer, we ask that foreign customers check the SIG dealer listing else-
      where in  this catalog to see if  there is a dealer in  your country.  Buying
      from the SIG dealer in your country is the most economical way to pur-
      chase SIG products. If there is not a SIG dealer in your country, or if he is
      located too far away from you, we invite you to order direct from our facto-
      ry. All payments from foreign customers must be made in U.S. funds in
      the form of an  International  Money Order, a bank draft drawn on a U.S.
      bank, or by VISA or MASTER CARD. No foreign cash or personal checks
      will be accepted. On orders totally less than $20.00, add $5.00 for postage
      and handling. For orders of $20.00 or more, add 20% of order value.

        ~  ~'  ~  ~<<"~'~~;~
        v~ssa  MASTERCARD

      FOR ORDERS ONLY 7:00 A.M. - 4:30 P.M. Central Time within U.S.A. 800-247-5008

      FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE 7:00 A.M. - 4:30 P.M. Central Time                              515-623-5154

      24 HOUR FAX LINE.                                                                    515-623-3922
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